Thursday, November 29, 2012

Missing Factors

Throughout the multiplication unit, students have played games using array cards to become fluent with their multiplication facts. The array cards show students the number of rows and columns in an array, and then the students solve for the product or area of the array. They check their accuracy by turning the card over to find the product. 
4  x 6 = 24

This week, we played a Missing Factor game using the array cards. To play this game, students spread their cards out with the area and one dimension showing and their task was to figure out the missing factor or dimension.  They recorded the problem in two ways, as a missing factor multiplication problem and as a division problem. 4 x ___ = 24   and  24 ÷  4 = ___.   After solving, they turned the card over to find out if they found the missing factor. 

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