Monday, November 5, 2012

Multiplying by Multiples of Ten: What Happens?

Today in math, we used easier problems to help us multiply problems that involved multiples of 10. Many students saw that there was a pattern of a zero in the one's place.  Students were encouraged to explain WHY this pattern happens.  Below is the chart that we made based on the problems we solved in class.
Based on what you learned in class today, solve the following problems:
A)   6 x 30 = A
B)   5 x 70 = B
C) 40 x  8 = C 


  1. Wow! You third graders are really getting into your multiplication strategies! Math rocks!

  2. this chart help me a lot and im in ms.Oleary class

  3. this chart really helps me it has a lot of great stuff from tanner


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