Friday, December 7, 2012

Tricky Triangles!

For the past two days, our tiny mathematicians have been exploring the attributes of triangles through the essential question: "What are attributes of all triangles?" Yesterday, students constructed triangles with straws and explored the similiarities and differences between them.  During the closing, we compiled a list of attributes of all triangles (see picture below of our closing thoughts). 

All triangles...
  • have 3 sides, angles and vertices
  • are closed figures (no openings or "cracks")
  • have straight lines (no curved lines)
  • no "extra pieces" hanging off
  • are 2-dimensional
As we continue to explore triangles, we will see if we can add to this list. Also, next week students will be exploring the same essential question only instead of thinking about triangles we will focus our attention on quadrilaterals.

What do you notice about these two triangles? What is similar about them and what is different? Leave your comment below!

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