Thursday, October 18, 2012

Free Fall Gizmo

Gizmos are interactive on-line simulations in Mathematics and Science. On Tuesday and Thursday, students worked on a Gizmo called Free Fall Tower.  The Gizmo allowed students to explore how quickly different objects fall in air and how they fall in a vacuum, with no air. They also observed the objects acceleration as they fell.  Students who reached Activity 3 also explored the terminal velocity of objects falling through air, with and without a parachute.   

This activity promoted enrichment on the concept of gravity, mass, and acceleration, but is not content that students will be held accountable to learn in Grade 3. Students had the option to add the recording sheet to their red homework folder if they wanted to complete the activity at home, or to their green science folder that stays at school. 

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  1. Gizmo ROCKS!!!!!!!!



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