Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Detectives at Work

Our first read aloud, Hank Zipzer, Niagra Falls or Does It?, was an amazing book. It taught us a that everyone learns differently, and to have empathy for others. It was also a great book to practice making mental movies. Even though this book is over, this laugh out loud series is sure to be a hit all year long. Our Hank Zipzer bin is constantly empty, and there is a long list of students waiting to read these amazing books!

Ms.Lipsky and Mrs O'Leary are super excited about our next read aloud, Edgar Allan's Official Crime Investigation Notebook. We prepared for the book by learning about the ingredients of a mystery book and watching a special message from the author, Mary Amato.

After reading the first chapter we learned that "Slurpy", the goldfish belonging to a 5th grade class at Wordsworth Elementary, had been stolen! The thief left behind a poem with clues to solve the mystery. "Who would do such a thing?" we all whispered. Stay tuned as we collect clues to solve this very challenging mystery!

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  1. Thanks for introducing Andrew to the Hank Zipzer series. He really enjoys those books. Parent will remember the author, Henry Winkler, as the Fonz from Hapoy Days! These sure are Hapoy Days seeing Andrew so excited about the reading.


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