Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bad Boys of Dance Guest Appearance

We had a surprise guest appearance today at Chets Creek by a former student, James "Chip" Boyd, a member of the Bad Boys of Dance. Chip has traveled the world as a dancer and competed on the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. The Bad Boys of Dance will be performing this Friday and Saturday at UNF, so Chip and two other dancers gave our students  a sneak peek into their show. The kids were enthralled and couldn't stop talking about Chips' dance moves!


  1. Jealous!!! Us second graders didn't get to see this assembly. Can't wait to go see Chip Boyd tomorrow night at UNF!
    -Karen and Joey

  2. loved the bad boys of dance.They were amazing,their better dancers than me. Mr. boyds son was awesome. Love your top chef Lexie ;} :]

  3. Loved seeing the video clips. Love that our kids got to have the experience!

  4. The show "ROCKED"! Andrew and Sofi asked to go back the next night. My husband enjoyed it as well. The dancers AND the music were EXCELLENT! Standing ovation!

  5. Hi Miss Russell, Mrs. Shall, Miss Lipsky, and Mrs. O'Leary!
    I really miss you! The Bad Boy dancers were amazing!!

  6. I loved it!!!I was so mesmerized my eyes was about to blow off!!!:)



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