Monday, August 20, 2012

Our first day of 3rd grade

The first day of third grade for the 5 Star Chefs was a grand success! We covered a few essential rituals and routines, but also had some fun. Highlights from the day included reading Brand New Kid, playing Culinary Bingo, having a meet and greet with our new classmates as we completed a friend's scavenger hunt, and going to an assembly with the Bug Chef!

You heard it right... THE BUG CHEF. Oh yea, he whipped up some tasty deep fried worms, sauteed some delicious scorpion, fried some meal worms in a wok, and no one could forget his scrumptious cricket kabobs!  Needless to say, this Culinary Chef knew how to grab the audience's attention! There were tons of ewwwws, yicks, and grosses, but believe it or not, we had a couple of our 5 Star Chefs who embraced the challenge to munch on a few of these juicy critters!  What a great first day! Leave us a comment and let us know if you would have been that adventurous. Would you have eaten the Bug Chefs tasty creations?

You may also want to learn more about our Bug Chef Extraordinaire, David George Gordon, by visiting his website. Just click on his name and the link will lead you to his site. Happy exploring.


  1. Joey had a great first day! We enjoyed hearing about bingo, reading the Spork book (I'll have to check that out - it sounded cute!) and the fact that your students can select a table and different friends to sit by at lunch! We're looking forward to a great year!
    -Karen and Chip

  2. We had a fun day yesterday and today. I love my new class.

  3. CCE is the BEST school i have ever. I love this school because -There are amazing techers -Cool caoches and a Beautiful Principal

  4. Cute pics!! Kati loves 3rd grade!

  5. I love learning new things with my teachers, and making sure I am at school everyday to learn all the cool things they are teaching!

    Kailey A.

  6. Michael loves his class! :)

  7. it tasted like a french fry
    i love to learn new things everyday thanks for teach me new things

    lauren w


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