Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CPS Clickers

Parents, we're sure you've heard by now that we've been using our Clickers this week. Learning how to power on, text our answers, and send have been our priority. So far, we've used the Clickers to practice our math addition and subtraction fluency, and tomorrow we'll use them to review for our Daily Oral Social Studies quiz which we will take Friday. 

We LOVE using Clickers in class because every student gets to answer each question. Students can see when they send in their answer, because their number highlights on the screen. In addition, the class can see the percentage of students who answered a question correctly. Teachers, on our own personal hand held screen, can see which students answered incorrectly. When we see a pattern, we are easily able to intervene.  CPS Clickers are a great engaging tool in our classroom, and we hope that if you ask your child about Clickers, they will share their excitement with you. 


  1. james hi I loved that we were abele to do the clickers and it was different to me to use a new machine that I have never used befor and I think that we might have a lot of time tommorow t use the clickers and they are prity amazing that that techonolegy could work it looked just like a cell phone I just have so much to say to you and I love math so much you are amazing to us and a lot of people by.

  2. I'm sure Math is really clicking with the students. What a valuable tool for them AND the teachers.
    Lourdes :)

  3. what are you going to teach us today im exited to know?

  4. How cool are those! I'm sure this fully engages all students in learning because they are having fun. I can't believe how much teaching has changed in 8 years since I left!

  5. The clickers are very fun and I remember the first time we did it the class erupted (instead of doing a silent cheer) because we got 97% on the computer. I was very excited!
    Thank you,


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