Friday, August 24, 2012

Bank and Store

The students were giddy with excitement today in anticipation for their first third grade Bank and Store experience in our 5 Star Bakery. They proudly logged their earnings and then set out to see what it was all about.  Some students bought items from our Store, but quickly realized that saving would have to be their strategy if they wanted some of the big ticket items. Others, rented from our game room and enjoyed bowling, playing Operation, and building Legos. Lunch bunch was a big seller, too, at the back table. 

While some students had money burning a hole in their pockets, others approached this time with a totally different mind set and were determined not to spend a dime. Listening to their reasoning was priceless.In addition, students eager to earn more money filled out Job Applications to try and get hired to work during next week's Bank and Store.  Working earns $10 and is a great way to save for something they may have their eye on. 

Regardless of the student's approach, we are confident that they are learning life long lessons as they are being rewarded for good behavior.  We hope Bank and Store met each student's expectations. 

5 Star Culinary Chefs, leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite part of Bank and Store was and earn yourself an extra $1!  


  1. My favorite part of Bank and Store was knowing that I was buying something I worked for all by myself.

    Kailey A.

  2. I love that the students are EARNING their money. It's a great life lesson that hard work "pays" off. The job application is an awesome idea.
    Andrew says he's saving his money for a big ticket item.
    Lourdes :)

  3. My kids looked forward to this all week! Thanks for making your classroom a fun place to learn.

  4. I should have known THIS would be the Blog to watch! I just signed up & read all about the last week of activity! What a Hoot! Thanks for the great pictures of James & all the kids. James got to go over to the garden again Sunday and help pull more weeds and enjoyed it so much, he wants to do it more often on the weekends. I hope his thumb is greener than mine! :-)

  5. The Class Bank & Store are SUPERB ideas & something that will immensely please my husband! I didn't hear about James' trip to the store but I did hear about the Bug Chef & the garden. James got to go over to the garden to help again this weekend and loved it so much he wants to go back more often. I hope his thumb is greener than mine! Thank you SO much for the great pics & stories. I am not a good blogger so I can appreciate your awesome skills at it even more!

  6. My son Michael Burke likes the store so very very much. He says it is super duper cool!!!!!!! Michael is really saving his money up for a $40.00 blow up alien! This is such a great teaching/learning lesson! ;)

  7. Lauren was so excited for class store and it was the first thing she said when she woke up Friday. She always says she is saving up and then impulsively buys an airhead (or whatever her friends are getting!). Thank you for making her first week amazing, KS

  8. Can I please have an application to work in the store? I am really hoping that I can get the big purple blow up alien. I would be good at working in the store because I really like math and can help others think one more time about what they are buying. I didn't get an application Friday because I was sick.
    -Joey M.

  9. Chatfield loved shopping in the school store. He did buy something small but I think he is saving for a big ticket item. I love the store idea so much that we started a similar system at home for behavior and chores. He had a great first week. Thanks for all of your efforts. It shows that you all are a caring, passionate group of teachers! Looking forward to a terrific third grade year.

  10. I really want to work in the store. I hope I can work in it this Friday. I want to earn the electronic race car guy. This class is so cool!

  11. Kailey Calder really LOVED the school store and got a CUTE journal!! Such a great idea. Please let us know if you need some help replenishing the goods!! :)
    Jenny Calder

  12. I loved class store because...there were things people enjoyed.People had time to play and celebrate their work.From,Megan B.


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