Friday, January 25, 2013

NED Show Assembly

Yesterday, our students were treated to a Character Education assembly, the NED show. The talented presenter mesmerized students with yo tricks as he told a story promoting positive attitudes. Each initial of the character's name was integrated into the show. N-Never Give Up, E-Encourage Others, D-Do Your Best.

The program was free of charge to the school and is funded solely from merchandise purchased. The merchandise is for sale during our lunch time in the Dining Room.

NED Yo, Glow in the dark yo. Great for beginners. $6.50

Boomerang, Excellent for all skill levels. Amazing auto return feature! $10.00

Cosmic Spin 2, Ball bearing yo spins up to 4x longer than normal for advanced tricks.  $15.00

Accessories... Each  $3.50
10 replacement strings
yo yo holster
how 2 yo DVD
Amazing Yo / Kicking Tricks DVD

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  1. I loved the ned show. It was so much fun!
    i dont know how to do tricks with yoyos but it looks so mush fun!

    olivia m32

  2. I like the bommerang yoyo because it stays down then when it slows down it comes back to your hand and that it awsome


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