Monday, May 13, 2013

Star Spangled Banner

This year, our class is participating in a musical called Let's Sing, America! One of the songs that our class will perform is the Star Spangled Banner. A few students have been chosen to learn how to sign this song in ASL. We are looking forward to seeing this beautiful performance! You can learn too. Check out these videos.  Part One    Part Two


  1. I always have fun praticing at home when I have the time to.I am very glad I was chosen to do the star spageled banner in signlaungauge because I feel like I can finally have fun praticing something I always wanted to do. sicerly,your topchef mathmatichen lexie [;

  2. I am very exited about our play. We all have worked very hard on our lines,& sign languige. we all have had fun. Thanks a lot. sinceriy,

  3. The signers were great but is was probobly hard to learn the signs. I know I could'nt do that!



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