Sunday, March 10, 2013

Garden Time!

For years, Dr. Zenk, Nicole's mom, has graciously been donating her time and talents to oversee Chets Creek's school garden. She's definitely the resident expert on when to plant, what to plant, and when to harvest our garden's vegetables.  She helped the 5 Star Bakery plant radishes and two varieties of carrots about two weeks ago, and we are patiently waiting as our vegetables grow. 

This week, Dr. Zenk visited each third grade classroom for a garden show and tell. She introduced us to familiar vegetables like lettuce and broccoli, and to some unfamiliar vegetables like kohlrabi. The students were intrigued and had many questions for Dr. Zenk. We are so thankful that she shares her passion, time, and talent so we can have such an authentic learning resource!  We are certainly learning new things about plants every day.



  1. I love eating kolhlrabi. It is good! So is brocolli!

    Nicole S.

  2. The kale from the garden is delicious, too!


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