Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This week we are studying homophones. Homophones are important to know because if you use them incorrectly in your writing, your reader will be very confused! The homophones we are learning this week are:

there- a place
their- belonging to a group of people
they’re- a contraction meaning "they are"
to- shows the direction, destination, or position of something
two- the number 2
too- as well or more than
where-a place
wear- to have something on your body
we’re- a contraction for "we are"

See if you can find more homophones as you read this week. If you find one and leave a comment on this post, you will earn a reading raffle ticket!


  1. Hi Mrs. O'Leary,
    Here's a homophone:
    road - you're driving on a road
    rode - I rode a horse.


  2. I have learned so much about prefixes/sufixes.You're the best teachers ever!

  3. I found a homophone in a book that i wanted to share on the blog, and that homophone is meet.

    olivia m32

  4. 1.) Are exp. are you happy ? 2.) Our exp. Our class rocks! Andrew

  5. 1.) Are exp. are you happy ? 2.) Our exp. Our class rocks! Andrew

  6. Right. Exp Your answer is right. Write. Exp You write beautifully.
    You're Exp You are a fireman. Your Exp Your pencil is on the ground.
    Night Exp It is night. Knight Exp The Knight saved the princess.

  7. road-you're driving on a rode

  8. i found two homophones in a book that is amazing, the two homophones are since and read

    olivia m32

  9. Today I found the homophones sweet and suite.


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